Ph.D. theses


Ing. Petr Bouchner, Ph.D. Driving Simulators for HMI Research
This work presents a compact view on the discipline of driving simulation. It introduces some of world-class research driving simulators and problems of their design and construction as well. A validation of the simulator functions and validation of the experiments to be preformed on the driving simulator are described here. Then the requirements on such a device are analyzed and different approaches to visual, audio and motion cueing are discussed. The thesis in its second part describes using the driving simulators for research purposes. A complex system which involves a simulator incorporated into a set of measuring devices is described in detail, ways of data collection and analysis are shown. The last and most comprehensive chapter illustrates the possibilities of the driving simulator use through the mediation of the complex analyses of four experiments (which concurrently follows main ways of our investigation); the two experiments concerning driver's fatigue, summarization of a set of HMI related measurements and the experiment focused on influence of an outer environment on driving.

Ing. Stanislav Novotný, Ph.D. Analytical evaluation of technical data from driving simulator experiments (influence of driver's age on driving safety)
The main aim of my doctoral thesis is to find suitable way of processing and analyzing data obtained from vehicle simulators, focused mainly on the safety aspects of driving according to driver's age. Its first part is dedicated to problems of seniors behind the wheel, introduction of statistics describing age composition of population and. number of car accidents. The second part of my thesis describes tools and equipments used for experiments. The next chapters are dedicated to various methods of analysis of technical and psychophysiological data. Main part of the thesis introduces particular experiments, which are described in details in appropriate chapters. In the last part of the thesis there are discussed results of the particular experiments analysis.

Ing. Ondřej Sýkora, Ph.D. Monitoring of the changes of the driver’s behaviour by using analysis of car trajectory
This thesis is engaged in monitoring the changes of the driver’s behaviour by using analysis of car trajectory. The research was aimed at the changes that were effected by driver’s fatigue states (those were induced by growing sleep deprivation) and therefore it was executed by a car simulator. The recorded trajectories were used for search of suitable parameters, which could characterise the changes of driver’s behaviour and contain information of the level of driver’s tiredness. These parameters should reliably identify crucial decline of driver’s efficiency. The goal of this thesis was then to prove, that car trajectory includes a range of useful information about driver’s psycho physiological state (especially about the level of his fatigue). In the first part of this thesis the basic theoretical introduction is provided to set up essential view about behaviour of the human operator in the position of a driver and about his interaction with surroundings. The methodology of research, measured data processing and analysis of car trajectory itself with the description of individual monitored parameters are given in the second part of this thesis. All important knowledge resulting of the research is summarised in the conclusion of this thesis. Various possibilities of leading future research to (including the experiment itself and data analysis) are also indicated.

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Ing. Jan Pěkný
Ing. Roman Piekník
Ing. Václav Jirkovský

Master / Bachelor theses



Ing. Stanislav Novotný, Ph.D. - Automatic Modeling of Road Network for 3D Virtual Scenes

The main goal of this diploma thesis is to design suitable modeling algorithms for creation of virtual environments based on real geographical data. The first part introduces geographical information systems and explains basic terms and methods for geographical data processing. A description of available geographical data for an area of CR is included in this part. The next chapter is dedicated to the computer graphics, in more details to the modeling, also algorithms of a triangulation are stressed. The next part deals with a choice of suitable modeling tools. A description, a design and an implementation of the system for the automatic modeling of a road network - including description of its subparts and partial algorithms - can be considered as a result of my work. The last chapter includes evaluation of approaches and methods used in my work and suggestions for further improvements.

Ing. Roman Piekník - Modeling of 3D objects and creation of database for virtual road scenes

The diploma thesis leads from project VRGIS in transportation. The project deals with usage of geographical data for modeling of virtual worlds, an important tool within the scope of the Human machine interface (HMI) research. The main goal was to crate 3D objects, their database and tutorials describing an effective way for their modeling. The first part deals with essentials of computer graphics such as object representation, surface description, color models and 3D transformations. Also the topics of a fog creation and level of detail features are discussed. The attention is paid on a process of creation, adjustment of textures and their mapping onto 3D objects. A chapter "Lighting"explains Phong's shading model which approximates lighting and shading of 3D objects. The next chapter describes widely used 3D modeling applications, third chapter is dedicated to the application Zmodeler. The last chapter deals with a creation of the database.

Ing. Jan Pěkný
Ing. Pavel Zeman
Ing. Martin Brodský
Ing. Petr Poupa

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Student projects

K620X1IA Driver-Car Interaction

K620X1UA Automobile traffic chamber

K620X1VA Virtual reality in traffic


K620Y1ZG Základy aplikované počítačové grafiky

K620MRC Modelování rozhraní člověk-stroj

K620Y2PV Počítačová grafika a virtuální realita

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