Realised projects

Project OPTUN
Project "OPTUN (Optimalization of road tunels)", Project optimize service in tunnel buildings. It reaserch driver behavior in road tunnles and it devise each traffic response ventilation. Project try to increase driver safety and komfort, without increasing service cost. This project was supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic No. MD0/1F43A/069/120 (2004-2006).

Project HMI
Project "Man - machine interaction", The Project is aimed at man-machine interaction problems, especially driver-car in transportation issuesThe Project tasks are related to many scientific areas. The main are medicine, electro-engineering, mathematical analysis and informatics; simulation equipment creating (car and virtual reality scene); driver behavior observation and biological parameters measuring; analyzes of video data, electroencephalogram, electrooculogram, electrocardiogram, etc.; warning system creating (level of attention, micro sleep, etc.). This project was supported by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic No. MSM/1K04102 (2004-2005).

Project "Road tunnel safety harmonization with the requirements of the Directive 2004/54/EC and road tunnel optimalization from safety aspects, abbr. SAFETUN", The aim of the SAFETUN project is an implementation of requirements of the Directive 2004/54/EC to the Czech relationship for the tunnels of lengths up to 500 m and creation of environs for risk management and systematic training of tunnel operators. This project was supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic No. MD0/CG711-020-910 (2007-2009).

Project "OECD GSF Neuroinformatics", The goals of this project were: create international information and data-base in neuroscience, development of new selective methods for data-mining and analysis of hidden correlations, development of special databasis of EEG signals concerningthe changes of vigility and microsleep of human operators od technical systems, drivers, pilots and dispatchers. Selection of the neuroscience databases, developed in the Czech Republic, suitable for to be includedi the international Neuroinformatic database. Development of Czech information and database on neuroscience. This project was supported by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic No. MSM/ME478 (2001-2005).

Project "Analysis of driver observation area and reaction time changes in relation to attention degeneration", the main goal of this project is the investigation of influence of humoral and external factors causing the changes of human subject reactivity on various visual stimuli impacting drivers and other operators of artificial systems in course of their work activity. This project was supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic No. GA0/GA102/07/1191 (2007-2010).

Projects in process

Project "Analysis of negative impacts on driver attention", The main goals of this project are: - improving of knowledge concerning the reliability of interactions between human subject and transportation vehicle and internal and external factors influences - development of methods for enhancement of resistance to decreases of attention when driving - findings, necessary for development of appropriate car assistance systems warning against decreases of driving attention decreases On the base of these findings and knowledge will be proposed the recommendations and tools for diminishing the economic and health losses in road transport. This project was supported by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic No. MSM/ME949 (2007-2011).

Project 'Laboratory for training and education of professional truck drivers equipped with advanced truck driving simulator with ability of measuring and and analyzing of psychophysiological, psychological and performance data'
The main aim of the proposed project is to develop and implement a prototype of the laboratory equipped with an advanced truck simulator intended for driver training including the handling of emergency situation, both from the point of view of the operation of the vehicle as well as its technical maintenance. In addition to the driver training the simulator will enable monitoring, analysis and evaluation of psycho-physiological parameters of drivers. This enables (according to the developed method) further modification of training program with respect to the individual driver. As a multipurpose device, this simulator will be used for development and research purposes in the field of design of new vehicle systems and for research in the field of human-machine interface. Since the demand for road safety increases together with rapid increasing of truck traffic, achieved results of the presented project will be a contribution to this activity. This project is supported by the TACR (2011-2013).

Projects proposal

Concreate information about the proposals of any projects are not available, but ...

Ours project proposals are from following fields of interest:
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Driver's behaviour
  • Car/ Truck/ Train/ .../ Bus Simulators

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