• 16th March 2011 - Presentation of the DSRG labs for Volkswagen and Skoda Auto a.s.
  • 20th January 2011 - Laboratory in Řepy was canceled and moved to Ladví Lab.
  • 3rd December 2010 - The third annual of conference DCII2010 has been done. Group will organizing third volume of DCI&I conference. Read more
  • 22nd November 2010 - DSRG's project proposal (TA01030574) will be assist by TACR. Read more
  • 7th September 2010 - Driving Simulation Research Group will organizing third volume of DCI&I conference. Read more
  • 28th August 2010 - Driving Simulation Research Group finished first phase of construction of a new car simulator with 3D cube projection.

Last update 17.3. 2011

Driving Simulation Research Group (DSRG)

Driving Simulation Research Group under Laboratory of System Reliability (LSR) of Faculty of Transportation Sciences (FTS) of Czech Technical Univerzity in Prague (CTU in Prague) has been working in the research tasks for many years in several areas:


  • Design and construction of driving simulators equipment for driver's behavior examination including complete creation of VR environment for it.
  • Driver's behavior research. Research on the field of driver's behavior clasification and development of equipment for such work.
  • Creating of road sceneries for VR, especially for driving simulators. Also automation of scene creating is developed here and used for new scene formation.
  • Development of experiments for driver's behavior classification studies.
  • Impact of HMI to the driving process. We make research of impact of HMI devices (like controls of radio, air-conditioning or navigation system) to the process of driving.
  • Driver's behavior classification in critical situation (road tunnels, extreme fatigue etc.). Our goal in this area is to find specific classifiers for driver's drowsiness rating. Those methods are mainly based on a complex of biological (mainly EEG) and technical measured data.
  • Interconnection to GIS systems for scene creation based on real geographic data. We form our VR scenes form real data to maximize the impression of reality in the driving simulators.

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